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Trendquiz Is A Super Addictive Game Using Google Trends Data

I’m a fan of Google Trends. Whenever a new meme pops adult or some vital news breaks, we conduct there to check how meddlesome people are in pronounced information and either they’ve been meddlesome all along, when it got unequivocally hot…and when it became not.

A elementary site called trendquiz uses Google Trends information to ask we on either we can collect out what a trend line is, and it gives we dual options to select from. You can also select from topics like technology:

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 during 11.38.28 AM

After we collect your areas of expertise, you’ll be quizzed on 4 trend-lines and afterwards given a score. Are we looking during one association or another? One contestant or another? Use your believe of news to figure out who or what that trend line is showing:

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 during 11.39.41 AM

Enjoy. But don’t be a jerk and cheat. You’re also timed, so if we go off to Google things, you’ll get held anyways. I’ve mislaid many of my morning to this thing, so you’re welcome.

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